Bed Pads

What are Bed Pads?

Wetting of bed is inevitable if you are suffering from acute incontinence. If left unattended, the bed mattress will be damaged beyond repair in no time. Thus, the use of bed pads in incontinence cases is highly sensible and recommended.

As their name implies, bed pads are thick sheets, a thin mattress or simply the pads that are made from waterproof material, which prevents the bodily leakages from reaching the mattress. While these are equally useful for toddlers; usually, bed pads are associated with adults suffering from incontinence, i.e., lack of control over bladder and/or bowel movements.

Types of Bed Pads Bed Pads

Bed pads are of two types:

1. Reusable Bed Pads: A reusable or washable bed pad is an inexpensive option, albeit a little bothersome for you in that before re-using, you need to wash these pads after every use. However, you need not buy too many bed pads (2 or 3 should be ideal) and it is easier to use them alternately. The reusable bed pads are perfect for regular home use by those who don’t mind washing the pads after every use.

2. Disposable Bed Pads: The younger generation prefers disposable bed pads, as washing a bed pad could be annoying for some. They are a use-and-throw product, which means you need to keep a good stock of bed pads with you, as every time you wet the bed, the old bed pad must be thrown in the bin and replaced with a brand new one. Moreover, these bed pads are eco-unfriendly and increase your carbon footprints. However, the disposable bed pads are ideal in case you are going out for a vacation or family outing, where the disposables are anyways preferable over the reusable ones.

Benefits of Bed Pads

(i) A good night’s sleep is vital for enjoying a healthy life. Incontinence can be your bitter enemy at night and make you spend irritable wet nights. However, good quality bed pads having powerful absorbency can work wonders and ensure you enjoy a peaceful night without having to worry about that wet feel.

(ii) Most bed pads are softer and designed to provide extra comfort. You can enjoy your sleep in the comfort of extra cushioning and padding.

(iii) Some of the good quality reusable bed pads are long lasting and prevent precious dollars that you might be considering spending on disposable ones, which also have their own pros and cons.

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