Little Known Benefits of Adult Diapers

The slightest mention of adult diapers is synonymous with incontinence. You just can’t think of an adult, who is not an incontinence patient, to use adult diapers. Why? Because of the obvious reasons. No one would like to be labeled as a nappy-wearer. No matter how happy-go-lucky you are, when it comes to the sensitive issues concerning the most private parts of the body, even the toughest of nuts crack under pressure.

However, most of us often ignore the other benefits of adult diapers, which are not very well documented. If you simply consider the adult diapers as some waterproof device with enormous absorbency power, the possibilities of using them on other than incontinence adults open up widely.

Here are some of the little known benefits of adult diapers for the ignorant souls:

1. Adult diapers are effectively used to prevent leakages in certain situations, which involve continuous non-stop hours of duty, like security guards at sensitive places, who need to remain at a place without even taking a toilet break.

2. Adult diapers are also helpful in patients who cannot feel any sensation in the lower half of their bodies. Technically, they cannot be termed as incontinence patients, as usually they are trauma patients, with an injury to their spinal cord. The adult diapers help them control the discharges from spilling out in the open. Generally, a caregiver is entrusted the task of handling the chores of such challenged patients.

3. Adult diapers can also be used by adolescent kids who have yet to get over their bed wetting habits. Unlike incontinence patients, who do not have any kind of control over their discharges, the bedwetting adolescents usually exercise good control over their bladder and bowel movements during daytime, when they are awake.

4. Adult diapers are also used by some post-surgery patients, like prostate surgery. These patients are yet to regain full control over the pelvic floor muscles. They cannot be termed as incontinence patients, but suffering from temporary disorder, and will slowly regain sufficient control over their bowel and bladder movements.

5. Comatose patients are also recommended adult diapers to prevent bed wetting. They are simply not in their senses; that’s the reason for the leakages. Once they regain consciousness, most patients show no signs of incontinence.

There may be other uses of adult diapers that are not widely known to most people. However, the medical fraternity is flexible in using adult diapers for multiple purposes.

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