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Unna Boot Bandage

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Product Description

Unna Boot With Calamine . Unna Boots wrap is a flexible, wet compression bandage used on pressure ulcers, eczema, strains and injuries that are available impregnated with calamine . The Unna boot gauze rolls made with non raveling gauze that is impregnated with zinc, glycerin. These two ingredients give the skin a gentle, soothing feel, while promoting a clean, moist healing environment.
-Where can I use Unna Boot Dressings?
A Unna Boot Bandage is ideal for ambulatory treatments of stasis leg ulcers, lymphatic edema, thrombo-phlebitis, eczema of the leg, minor fractures, sports injuries, sprains and strains.
-Application of Unna Boot Compression Dressing:
Start with encircle the ankle with a 12 inch strips of the bandage. Next, begin bandaging at the base of toes, without pressure, keeping foot and leg at right angle. Continue bandaging beyond ankle, doubling back to ensure molding of contours of leg. Keep the compression bandage in place to achieve maximum wear time.
-Unna Boot Dressing Story:
The Unna Boot dressing was invented from a German Dermatologist named Paul Gerson Unna. Unna boot dressings are a compression bandage used to manage edema and promote the return of venous blood flow to the heart. Conventional management with zinc oxide-impregnated bandages systems, such as an Unna boot, provides inelastic compression. Multilayered, sustained, graduated, high- compression bandages aid in the management of wounds caused by venous insufficiency.

Product Features:

-Graduated compression therapy -Impregnated gauze bandage -Plain or with Calamine -Premoistened application -Non Raveling -Helps manage edema -Promotes the return of venous blood flow


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4" x 10 yd w/ Calamine (case of 12) Case of 12 $104.13 $208.26